About Us

4 - About Us

Our company, created by Donna Munn, professional and specialist in the world of personal training, sports health, training of prestigious teams and physiology, the idea of creating this school emerged more than 10 years ago thinking about transmitting all possible knowledge to young people interested in knowledge and in receiving the instruction of everything previously mentioned, little by little, raising funds, saving and receiving support from people interested in the creation of a school with these great characteristics and with a good future in the market.

Thanks to the support of many people and the effort of our creator, the idea of creating a school or a company with these specific, special and quality characteristics took us to reality, and having our structure and our main team we began the search for quality teachers, both national and international, but who offered quality in teaching to our students so that our educational center could reach what it is today.

We have several branches of education that we have been creating with the time and experience that we have been creating in the education market in the world. Our main branch to teach is sports medicine, responsible for attending athletes before to avoid injuries or after to cure injuries that may have occurred, in addition our school has certain divisions that can be the personal training that is in charge of guiding people during his workouts in gyms or in soccer, baseball, and other sports teams.

Physiotherapy is also part of our curriculum, as it helps the physical preparation of players before each game and during training, so it is a fundamental and necessary part of studying for anyone in the field of physical preparation and equipments.

So if you need to learn about all this, do not hesitate to contact us and request information.