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Finally, all our students come prepared and ready to work in any institution related to sport anywhere in the world by our international treaties, which we obtained by our quality and by our partnerships with professional training schools around the world.

From small European countries such as Bulgaria or Hungary which are specialized in weightlifting, to Latin American countries such as Brazil and Colombia which specialized in Cardio, have qualified us as the best company for teaching and training of professionals in sports medicine.

Personal Training – How to Do It Right

b2 - Personal Training - How to Do It Right

If you are wondering how to have a good start in a Personal Training career you must know that the path to doing so can be tricky, since there are a lot of things that you need to know before setting a foot in the gym, and knowing that there’s a lot of variables and factors that can come against you, the best thing you should do is to stay prepared.

Remember that the whole point of being a personal training is to take your client to the next level and teach him about the best exercises and routines that they couldn’t do alone. With an expert guidance and professionalism, you can reach the top easily by following the advice of experts.

Focus On A Healthy Diet

3 - Personal Training - How to Do It Right

The first step that I can give you to start your career as a personal trainer is that you shouldn’t focus too much on the physical exercises. Now, this might sound pointless since the first objective of a personal trainer is to teach and guide a person to achieve the body that they desire, as well keeping a healthy and nutritious diet to keep a healthy status.

Keep Everyone Motivated

But sometimes these factors aren’t too important if your client doesn’t have the motivation to have a better body or reach their goal, pursuing the dream of having muscles and following the routine is something that should come naturally from them. But sometimes in a long period of months, this requirement can be lost, and a client without interest is a failure for us.

For that, one of the task for a Personal trainer is to keep the flame alive, and lead their mindset and motivation on top, if they are fully motivated, they’ll do their routine better and be more collaborative, and remember that their success is your success, so keeping the hopes high and the emotion is a must for any professional personal trainer.

Don’t Judge Your Potential Clients

5 - Personal Training - How to Do It Right

Another important factor of being a personal trainer is that you don’t know who is going to be your client, it could be a lady in their 40’s or a young 20-year-old kid that wants to have a great body. It doesn’t matter the client, what is truly important is how you adapt your routine and your ideas to them, how to use what works with the client and their time.

Taking aside the differences from these peoples, there are a number of factors that are crucial to do your job, not every client is the same and for that you should have new ideas and routines for them, that’s what makes you a great personal trainer, the creativity and solutions that you come up for these people, as well how to implement new ways to help them.

Being a professional personal trainer is a duty that has to be taken with responsibility since you are in charge of the training of your client, as well as their safety and diet. Your goal is to help them and with these tips, you are a step further to become a great personal trainer.

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4 Tips to Keep Your Athletes Injury-Free

b1 - 4 Tips to Keep Your Athletes Injury-Free

If you are finally starting your career as a professional personal trainer, you should know that your main focus is to provide the best training with the most suitable efficiency and a healthy and rich diet to your clients, as well keeping them aware of their exercises and the safety methods that they should keep.

But the safety of your client is your responsibility since you are the one that is telling them what routine to follow and how to do it, for that you should be aware of the many methods to keep them injury-free and without molesting their overall training. Since that’s their reason to follow your leads in the first place.

For that, is important to keep yourself on track when you are giving instructions and assigning work on your clients. That’s why we are going to give you the most important advice that you have to take in mind each time in order to avoid any injury or accident while you train your client.

Always Warm Up

1 - 4 Tips to Keep Your Athletes Injury-Free

Before every routine you need to have at least 30 minutes of an extensive warm-up that covers the entire body with multiple exercises, it doesn’t matter if you notice that your client is becoming tired at the end of each warm-up since this is a crucial practice before any major training.

By increasing the circulation into the cold muscles, each session of warm-up prepares the body to the routine that is going on. As well the multiple exercises and running sessions that cause a better athletic performance between your clients.

Stretch Your Body

2 - 4 Tips to Keep Your Athletes Injury-Free

Tight muscles are more often to take an injury. To avoid major injuries in your muscles, quick sessions of stretching can promote the flexibility in the muscles, this is not only beneficial for an intense routine but if your interest is to avoid major complications in the muscles and eliminate the chances of getting an injury.

The best way to stretch your body is by doing exercises that cover the majority of the important muscles, as well the ones you just exercise it. Since the stretching should be applied after the workout, in a long session of 20-30 minutes.

Remember To Take A Break And Rest

One of the best ways to avoid injuries is by letting your muscles rest. A proper relaxation to your body is a fundamental practice if you are looking to maintain a long period of a month doing exercise, avoiding injuries is one of the advantages of resting appropriately and be responsible with resting your body.

The best schedule for resting your muscles should be at least one day of your week, two days is the ideal time. Remember that while you are resting, you should avoid any attempt of doing exercise or lifting a heavy amount of weight.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration can be the worst thing that could happen to you or your client if you are doing an extensive routine. And working out results in a loss of a lot of sweat and energy, for that a high recommendation is to always keep yourself hydrated and always keep with you a bottle of fresh water, so you can wait until you are thirsty to take a drink.

With these tips, you are more than prepared to avoid any circumstances that can end up in your partner or client having an injury. Remember to always stay alert when you are doing an important exercise and stay hydrated.

If you are finally starting your career as a professional personal trainer, you should know that your main focus is to provide the best training with the most suitable efficiency and a healthy and rich diet to your clients. Remember to always stay alert when you are doing an important exercise and stay hydrated.

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